SOLDER Explores Electric Vehicle Technologies and Innovation

Interested in Electric Vehicle Technologies and Innovation? From Drones to Drag Racing the SOLDER EV Panel Talk is discussing the ins and outs of electric vehicle innovation in Perth.

Rebel Boylan
February 6, 2018

The panelists for the event are Tim Brunner and Chris Jones.

Tim Brunner Manages EV Works, a small business based in Perth largely centered around  the supply of electric vehicle components and lithium batteries to the Australian market. Tim has seven years experience in converting all sorts of production vehicles to electric drive and as a self confessed car nerd is a keen flower of the electric vehicle scene.

Coming from a background in chemistry and biology, Chris’ passion for electric vehicles and electric motorcycles in particular has pushed him towards a career in electromotive propulsion and their control systems. At Voltron Motorcycles, Chris is developing the bike and battery system, with a long term goal of manufacturing electric superbikes here in Western Australia.

This is free event run by SOLDER on the Tuesday the 6th of February from 5:30pm in the Basement at FLUX. To book your place email


SOLDER is a dedicated hardware and maker space at Perth's largest innovation space, FLUX. This space is designed to create new electronic and mechanical products to solve problems facing industry, society and the environment.

Australia, and Western Australia in particular has a unique opportunity to develop products to address the special needs of the resources, agricultural, environmental and supporting industries, and for construction, transportation and environmental businesses.

An economy in transition needs new ideas and innovations. SOLDER provides the opportunity to dramatically accelerate the process from idea to innovation to commercialisation. The physical space, tools, equipment, mentoring, collaboration opportunities, knowledge and access to entrepreneurs will create the supportive environment needed to turn good ideas into great products.