Reaching new heights with 3D Printers at SOLDER

Spacecubed’s prototyping lab, SOLDER, has acquired two new 3D printers to provide next-level product development possibilities for members of the startup community.

November 22, 2018

SOLDER is an exciting project which offers facilities and equipment for Spacecubed members to turn their product design ideas into reality. Beyond the physical benefit of access to equipment lie numerous further opportunities for growth; mentoring, technical support, collaboration opportunities, and sharing of knowledge play a key part in turning good ideas into great products. It caters to a broad range of skill sets, from professionals to beginners, and even runs a schools-based program for budding makers - the SOLDER Summer Camp.

The acquisition of two new 3D printers this week brings exciting new opportunities to the SOLDER lab thanks to a generous donation from Mark Hudson, MD of Brandconnect. The Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 2+ are two state of the art printers currently used by some of the world’s leading brands. Volkswagen, Zeiss and Bose…even the Royal Netherlands Airforce are making use of the technology

The most advanced model in the range, the Ultimaker S5 enables Spacecubed members to raise the calibre of their prototypes even further. Build volumes can be increased, and it prints multiple parts in one session to maximise efficiency and productivity.

The model was released earlier in 2018 and one of the key features is the ability to create a detailed height map of the build surface by probing the build plate in numerous locations. Reliable dual-extrusion is guaranteed with two print core slots: members can now choose from different colours and materials (such as water-soluble PVA or Breakaway) to ensure geometric freedom and a professional and high grade finish.

This opens up opportunity for rapid prototyping at a level that members have not previously been able to access through the SOLDER lab.

The second printer donated by Mark, the Ultimaker 2+, is a more compact model from the company. These two tools are an exciting addition to SOLDER and will be instrumental in members producing prototypes prior to scaled production when developing their startup.

Two recent success stories to emerge from the makerspace at SOLDER include product development from members Humm and Newton Labs. The team at Humm have been working on a performance enhancing wearable for cognitive athletes; whilst Newton Labs is focused on the mining sector by improving operations and mechanical functioning on mine sites. Both have made use of the SOLDER lab to refine their product design and test theories with short turnaround times.

Coming up in December school holidays, the SOLDER Summer Camp program for makers aged 12-17 is now open for booking. This will take place in a relaxed and encouraging environment in which ‘makers’ will learn more about new technologies such as 3D printing, coding and electronics. Participants will have the opportunity to build a robot with their own custom printed avatar; when camp is over they take home their creations and continue programming them.

Click here for more information about SOLDER Summer Camp.