Redefining Success

Throughout February at FLUX we focussed on finding new models that redefine the term 'Success'. Things can get a bit all over the place after the holidays but we wanted to put our focus back into what really matters. Our Tedx Talks, held weekly for our members as a chance to network and talk over some interesting topics over lunch, were a good starting point for these discussions.

Rebel Boylan
March 6, 2018

We started off the month with a great TED Talk by Chip Conley who faced crisis in business which lead him to reassess what success really meant, and how he could look at it from a different perspective. His inspiration came from the teenage King of Bhutan who encouraged his country to value and measure happiness (GNH) instead of GDP. You can find out more about the GNH here. Following the Ted Talk we had a great discussion about what we value and how we can measure intangible indicators in business in order to create a successful, happy and valuable team.

We heard from Elizabeth Gilbert, who in a slight to Chip, focussed on the massive amount of pressure that arises after reaching ‘success’, and gave advice on how to muster the strength to ‘keep on going’ afterwards. Elizabeth spoke about the idea of 'home' as metaphor for that 'one thing' that you love to do, or love more than yourself. It allows you be brought back to a humble, imaginative state that helps to continue to push on.

To celebrate Spacecubed becoming a B Corporation we then heard from Bart Houlahan, co founder of B Corporation. After watching the new owner of his company strip away long standing commitments to his employees, community and the environment, Bart was inspired to use business as a force for good. B Corporations bring a sense of social responsibility, accountability and empowers employees to know that they are contributing to something other than profit. Whilst we all thought this was a great idea, not too many people had heard of B Corporations before. Check out how Spacecubed got certified here.

To wrap up our focus on Redefining Success, we heard from Alain de Botton who discussed a kinder, gentler philosophy of success. He examined our ideas of success and failures while questioning the assumptions underlying these two judgements. Alain makes us wonder whether success or failure are ever really earned and makes the case to move beyond snobbery to find true pleasure in our work.We all agreed that he was pretty much on point.

If you'd like to join the conversation, Spacecubed members are invited to join us for a weekly Tedx Talk and lunch on Wednesday’s at 12pm in the Hinkler Boardroom. It's a great chance to get a little break from the desk and have a chat with other members, while getting a little bit of entertainment as well!