Ovass Grows Their Business

Dave Newman and his team joined the FLUX community through the 2017 Plus Eight Accelerator Program. Since finishing Plus Eight last year, Ovass have been busy refining their product line and putting in place the foundations to grow.

Rebel Boylan
May 1, 2018

Ovass was created when founders Dave Newman and Ravi Nichani couldn’t find solutions to issues in the geospatial intelligence industry. After looking a little deeper they found an opportunity to solve the problem and Ovass was born.

Being a part of Plus Eight enabled Ovass to, “expedite the process of taking an idea through to a business that’s serving customers globally in a short space of time, while giving the founders the skills that will enable them to grow the business”.

Ovass has just started a project where they are taking on the challenge of IUU Fishing (Illegal fishing). They’re building an AI model that detects ‘dark’ vessels, boats that are not transmitting an identification, that are illegally fishing from satellite  images. They then then monitor and analyse this against Automatic Identification System (AIS = Ship identification system) patterns for irregular vessel behaviour.

Founder Dave Newman and his team have recently moved into one of our new floors. While the team shares a ten person office at FLUX the extra space makes him feel like they, “are a company with much larger facilities”. As part of the Spacecubed community Ovass are always interested in hearing from anyone who is interested in data science, machine learning and any types of AI.

Looking into 2018 Dave says, “expansion and growth are key” as they hope to gain quick traction with their products.

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