Leadership Reflection

This month at FLUX we have been focussing our conversations around different Styles of Leadership. Our TEDx Talks, held weekly for our members as a chance to network and talk about interesting topics over lunch, were a good starting point for these discussions.

Rebel Boylan
July 6, 2018

In the lead up to International Women’s Day we heard 3 Lessons on Success from an Arab Businesswoman. Leila Hoteit talked about how professional Arab women juggle more responsibility than their male counterparts and how they face more cultural rigidity than Western Women. Leila speaks from her experiences as an engineer, advocate and Mother. At FLUX we chatted about how much progress we have made in terms of gender equality. However we did acknowledge that we still have so far to go in creating parity within business. That’s why it’s so important to empower and support women who take on leadership roles.

The following week we listened to Itay Talgam’s talk, Lead Like the Great Conductors. As an orchestra conductor he faces the ultimate leadership challenge: creating perfect harmony without saying a word. Italy presented 6 conductors who all had their individual leadership style. He aimed to highlight that there is not a ‘best practice’ way to lead a team, it’s about effective communication and comprehension between the team and leader. As long as there is understanding, there is a solid relationship. This became transparent when we asked our members which leader they connected with most and acknowledged the varying answers between people.

We then saw David Logan’s talk on Tribal Leadership where he discussed the five kinds of tribes that humans naturally form in all walks of life. Of the leadership month, this talk stirred the greatest discussion between our members. We agreed that we could see ourselves and others as members within these tribes, and talked about the different methods we can employ to help others move from tribe to tribe to reach the ultimate - ‘ Tribe 5 - Life’s great! ‘

To wrap up our leadership topic we heard from Tim Harford who discussed Trial, Error and the God Complex. As an economist, Harford studies complex systems and found a surprising link amongst the successful: These systems are built on trial and error.

We had a great discussion after the talk about how we can implement trial and error systems in business, however we all agreed that in order for this to be effective, It’s vital that people are open to try out different methods with the possibility of failure, and secondly, admitting defeat when one method doesn’t work.

If you'd like to join the conversation, Spacecubed members are invited to join us for a weekly Tedx Talk and lunch on Wednesday’s at 12.30pm. It's a great chance to get a little break from the desk and have a chat with other members, while gaining some midday knowledge!