Gaia Excited By FLUX Resources

Gaia Resources are one of the newest members in the Spacecubed community having just moved into our level six space at FLUX a few weeks ago. While they had to shift over ten years worth of accumulated memories to get here, Gaia are settling into their new permanent office space quite well.

Rebel Boylan
July 23, 2018

As an environmental technology company, Gaia plans to take advantage of the great resources available at FLUX. Their work ranges from software development helping organisations manage biological collections, to helping citizen scientists capture information on the environment using mobile tools, to supporting our natural resource management organisations in tracking how they're making their areas better places.  Above all, they want to figure out the ways in which technology can help make a positive contribution to the environment.

Director and founder Piers Higgs is, “looking forward to connecting with the virtual reality facilities, and hoping to poke about in the 3D printing space, too.

So far Gaia have been intrigued by the the networking opportunities that are presenting itself. After getting to know the space Piers says,“it's the mix of people around us on Level Six that really interests us - a lot of green technology companies, and the agriculture innovation hub.” After settling into their new permanent offices, Gaia are looking to connect with other techies in the broader FLUX community.

In the new year, Gaia are ready to reinvent themselves and develop some new ideas. They’ve left behind 10 years of history for a new start and are already feeling invigorated. Piers believes that, “FLUX feels like home to us already - and that is really our favourite thing.”