How CoreData Networks at FLUX

CoreData is a global market research consultancy which helps businesses grow by better understanding their customers, and in turn engaging with them. Kristen joined the company’s Sydney office back in 2002, but was offered the opportunity to relocate to WA and build the company’s client base in the region from FLUX.

Rebel Boylan
April 24, 2018

In the short time she’s been at FLUX, Kristen has undertaken work which was a direct result of relationships made through the FLUX community, and continues to harness the power of the Spacecubed community to grow the company’s WA arm. Her successes include more than doubling their revenue and expanding the client base across a range of new industry sectors.

At the moment they’re working on a range of strategic and PR-driven research projects for their clients, who are using our market research services to make evidence-based decisions about the future direction of their company, or to have evidence-based conversations with their customers.

Since joining FLUX, Kristen has met a collection of interesting, like-minded people who are working on inspiring ideas, and has enjoyed working in a collaborative environment where everyone is trying to grow a successful business. They tend to work with large corporates, dealing with marketing managers or customer insights teams so anyone working for or servicing these types of companies should try and get in touch. Of the networking opportunities available at FLUX Kristen says, “We're always interested in opportunities to collaborate and learn from others who are trying to grow a successful business in WA.”

Having had permanent desks on Level 1 for quite some time, Kristen and her team are excited to have moved into their own office space on Level Six. She says, “It provides us a bit more privacy yet we still have the opportunity to chat with other people and businesses who are using the space because of the common areas and kitchen and Spacecubed community.”

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