3 Reasons We Love Coworking

Coworking is the new and innovative alternative to traditional office spaces. It can simply be defined as membership based workspaces where different people work together in a shared, communal setting.

Rebel Boylan
February 13, 2018

Numerous researches have shown that workers belonging to these spaces thrive more than employees working in traditional offices. The Harvard Business Review recently released a study showing the benefits of coworking spaces.That’s probably why Coworking spaces have increased by 400 percent in the last two years. There’s so many reasons you should try it out today but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 3!

1. More Job Control and Flexibility

Many coworking spaces allow workers the options to choose their own hours, with some even available 24/7. This means you are in control of when and how you work. You have a great amount of autonomy over how to direct your energy and you’re able to work at your own pace. When you choose to work with others, this can give you a limited form of structure which enables an optimal degree of control for independent workers.

FLUX members are able to choose between a variety of different spaces, and have access to our facilities whenever they need. We have multiple silent booths for when you need a bit of privacy, coworking desks, or even permanent offices. This means they can choose either a more personal quiet space, or a collaborative working space where they can network with our community.

2. Feel Part of a Community

Working from home can be isolating and coffee shops can be distracting; coworking provides the perfect mix between the two. Harvard researchers found coworkers reported that having a community to work in helps them create structures and discipline that motivates them. You’re surrounded by a ton of passionate people going for a dream. They’re facing all the same challenges, and they’re just as passionate and driven.

Working at FLUX means you are part of the Spacecubed community of like-minded coworkers, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and corporate innovators. The Spacecubed directory is designed to help you build your professional network while coworking and make supportive connections. They might even become your next investor, future partner or even board of advisors! FLUX staff provide extensive support to ensure our members have a seamless office environment. All office needs are taken care of by us, so that our members can focus on scaling


3. Low Startup Cost

Traditional office spaces can be quite expensive, especially if you’re wanting to be located in a prime real estate location. Combine this with high overheads that are associated with traditional serviced offices and it’s putting a strain on your business. Coworking spaces are often beneficial in giving you access to resources and facilities you may not otherwise be able to have.

The state of the art facilities at FLUX give our members an experience like no other. Our flat transparent pricing for all inclusive packages gives you access to resources like our bike storage room, multiple silent booths and even unlimited internet! The prime CBD location of our space is not only for member convenience but also for the experience.

So whether you’re a freelancer just looking for a space to work, a commercial business looking to grow, or a interstate corporation looking to set up a satellite office, coworking is for you.